Thursday, October 22, 2009

Today I am feeling very sorry for boys.

They must have such hard lives.

Guys can't wear pink or purple unless brave enough to deal with gay jokes. They can't hug or complement each other. And they are so hairy.

(Yes, I am aware that I am using broad generalizations here.)

But I wonder if they naturally think like that or if they've just warped themselves to meet expectations....

So anyway, I was watching the guys Sunday, and said "Oh, Wow, Hey, they just were 'real hugging' each other. They usually just lean as far away from each other as they can and give a quick pat on the back."

The girl next to me said, "Yeah I think they feel obligated because of the whole 'love one another' sermon thing."

"I dunno" I thought "I mean, it’s just a hug. Can't be so awful of an experience for them...."

Later someone asked them; Me, or Her, or Someone Else--I can't remember.

Only two answered,

"Yeah we felt forced."Both nodded their shaggy head and widened their eyes melodramatically in puppy dog like anguish. (They are very alike to be so different; those two boys.)

"It was terrible."

I guess some of them did feel obligated, but surely hugging between guys is not always, I'm only-doing-this-because-I-have-to." Do they really think like that? I'm sure some guys, like some girls, prefer to not be hugged. But as a rule you know 7 out of 10. I don't buy it.

I do expect them to prefer hugging girls. Being a girl I would rather hug a guy than a girl. Only makes sense.

And not to want to be hugged all the time, or by everyone; I understand that.

But a hug is nice...
Surely even for guys.... Maybe just once in a while?

So anyway next subject...

Hairiness had nothing to do with the rest of my post. I just had to throw that in. I dunno why, but it shall stay. (I'm sticking my tongue out at the stay-on-topic widget inside of me.)

I am aware that some differences are innate and instinctive. I do know that guys are not the same as girls... I know that their minds are different. Some things are natural.

And yes even Esther is tired of constantly talking about hugging. (Though it's sad people tell me I shouldn't write about it, when it's still inside my head.)

Edit: I wrote this post and the one after it a week ago, but haven't posted them until now. I am not currently feeling very sorry for boys.

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