Tuesday, October 20, 2009

6 flags pictures

All girl pics. I need to start taking pictures with guys more often.

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Nathan L. said...

U calling Toby a girl?

Invisable_Ninja said...

I wish I could have gone it would have been fun I'm pretty sure

Esther said...

N8, thats Tricia with Toby, silly boy. Can't tell your own sister apart from another girl... Sad.

Wish you could'a come also Michele.

Nathan L. said...

It says "All girl pics. I need to start taking pictures with guys more often."

Which seems to indicate that all the pix are girl pix. I could ignore the first two with multiple guys and girls, but the one with Toby and Trish clearly had a guy in it.

Esther said...

Ah so you took "I need to start taking pictures with guys..."

to mean

"I need to start taking more pictures of guys..."

Actually there is also a picture where I an Danika are with LaBron & Tristan, so I am there in a pic 'with' a guy...

And hey more pictures of guys would be an improvement.