Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pink Flowers and Lace and Men

I don’t think it’s wrong for guys to wear pink.

Yet I can understand why some people believe it is wrong; why they see it as blurring the line between masculinity; Why they think it feminizing a man. I can see how you think.

But look at it this way.

I currently have a pink flower in my hair. I wear flowers in my hair, because they are pretty, and because I feel girly or feminine when I wear them.

A guy that I know (And, yes, everyone knows which guy) often ends up tucking flowers behind his ears, and leaving them there for an hour or two. He is quite straight, and it's not a huge deal to me, though I prefer it not be done in public when I am with him. But some of our friends find it to be totally "gross and revolting." (Their words. Not mine.) I disagree.

I also have an older brother who loves flowers; His wife was laughing about it recently and told me, "He likes flowers more than I do."

In my opinion it is completely ok for my brother to like flowers, but I would be disturbed if he started wearing shirts with roses and carnations on them, or hair flowers. That is somewhat strange. (Those guy are not sinning in their choices. I did not say that. Do not tell them I said mean things about him.)

God created flowers; I’m sure he thought they were beautiful. (1st Kings 6:35 says there were flowers carved onto the doors of the house of the Lord and, in Song of Solomon 5:13 the woman compared her beloved's cheeks to sweet flowers and his lips to lilies.)

Also flowers are not immodest; wearing them won't make me (or him) responsible for causing others to lust.

--But wearing them (In today’s culture, and minus a few like the garish Hawaiian shirts and lovely Hawaiian Lei’s) is generally considered girly. This is a non-Biblical culture thing; the Bible doesn't say, “Men are not to wear flowers, on their shirts or in their hair.”

Still I think guys shouldn't be wearing hair flowers or blouses covered with pink lace roses. It doesn't look good because it doesn't look straight.

What is the difference with wearing pink shirts and pink hair flowers?

It's a culture thing in my opinion. Our culture is accepting of pink shirts on straight men. Our culture is not accepting of hair flowers on straight men.

Some people associate pink with women; they think men seem girly or feminine when wearing it. But really what is the difference with wearing pink shirts and pink hair flowers?

Not much.

Not much at all

Pink is not intrinsically feminine. When we visited the Monticello, there was a pink bedspread in the master bedroom. We were told that color was chosen, because at that time pink was considered an especially manly color.

Imagine the first girls who started wearing pink... What was their motive? Does their motive matter today?


Jes said...

Two words: I'M TELLING!!! Just kidding =] I get what you are saying, seriously. Yuck. For some reason though, I've never thought of that guy doing that flower thing like a gay thing. Although now that you mention it...ha, no. I think it's just because I'm used to his weirdness. But I could see other people (in public, who don't know him) who be freaked out.

If guys wanna wear pinks shirts,fine.

But, my guy will not be one of them =]

Esther said...

Yeah, like I mentioned, I didn't think it was a big deal either; there is a difference between randomly sticking a flower in your hair and using flower hair clippies.

But it would be very awkward if the boys started wearing 'my kind of hair flowers' in their hair.

I suppose in the same way its awkward for boys to wear pink to some of you. Just kinda like 'yuck'.

It actually makes all kinds of sense to me.

I was not bashing anyone 4 disliking pink. Actually I waited on this post 2 be finished b4 posting the pink shirt one, so that people wouldn't feel bashed. To explain why people feel that way. (Am I making any sense?)

Jes said...
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D-nonymous said...

I really admire the fact that you are adament about guarding certain people's identities on your blog comments. Tis very admirable indeed.

As far as the pink issue goes... I do not own any pink clothing. I just don't like it on myself or other guys for that matter... and hair flowers? Just no.


I'm not going to judge anyone for what they choose to wear, regardless of whether I morally or aesthetically agree with it.

I do not believe that a male wearing a pink shirt is wrong. Some guys can pull it off quite well, but... I also don't believe that a male wearing a flower is wrong (happens all the time in weddings).

It all comes down to the intentions and reasoning behind doing such things.

If it makes you look effeminate, then by all means, you should rethink those things and consider what the Word says.

Blah, I'm tired. So... in essence, I agree with you Esther.