Sunday, October 11, 2009

i think

i believe
that running
away from your my problems
is sometimes
an option



Anonymous said...

this is true Esther...

but it's not always the best option.

sometimes facing things can create wonderful results...

listen to your heart.

Esther said...

I actually seldom run or even walk away from problems. I usually believe in working things through.

But sometimes trying to face everything doesn't help. I can't fix everything. Things sometimes don't work out with everyone the way we think they should

Some things you let go.

BTW, I posted this b4 the 1st comment on the "Pink is for Girls; Blue is 4 Boys" comment was posted. We should totally discuss that. (In the right setting of course.)

Anonymous said...


trust me Esther, you're 'preaching to the choir' on this one. i certainly know that things don't always work out with people the way we think they should. been there before :)

a certain instance comes to mind...

and yes, i had to let it go... so, i can't say that you're wrong in doing so. i'm sure you gave it your best shot, which is more than i can say for myself.

you're a smart girl, so i'm sure you made the right decision.

anyway, pink and blue. i did intend to comment on that one. perhaps tomorrow.

Esther said...

Ah, who is this?

I thought was C, but am obviously wrong.

Anonymous said...

if i told you who i was, that wouldn't be very anonymous of me now would it?


Esther said...

Very well then. As you wish.

Was rather presumptuous of me to insist upon anyway.

I have you figured out anyway. (I think)

Anonymous said...

Is that so?

No, it wasn't presumptuous of you to insist upon knowing who i am.

i'm just having a bit of fun.

i'm pretty sure that you have me figured out as well.

but then again, there's a possibility that you are way off the mark.

Esther said...

There is, of course, that chance of being wrong; otherwise I wouldn't have asked.

I actually have 2 people to decide between--both guys, of course, because a girl would usualy only stay anonymous if she was posting something mean or touchy. (Girls are evil ya know.)

C is internet impared, and has been reading my blog. That's why I though was him. Probably though he doesn't know how to post a comment, since he said yesterday that he didn't know what a comment was.

Anonymous said...

aye, i am a guy.

nay, i am not C (whoever that is).

let me make it clear that i'm not trying to be all mysterious, i just think that being anonymous is a good idea at the moment (and kind of fun!).

so since it's not C, what does the other guy's name start with?

i can't say that i know you very well, but i do know you. we have spoken before. quite a few times.

all things are revealed in good time...

Esther said...

I decided you weren't C before I asked who it was.

So replaced with D or M.

But I've not spoken to either of them "quite a few times".

Actually I haven't talked to D in over a year, and even then mostly just texts.

Monday I did accidentally call M while trying to call someone else, but not him because...

Probably D
(Which is somewhat awkward)

D said...

you win.

was browsing the old Oasis Ministries site and came across Nate's blog, and voila, here i am.

just felt like commenting on a few posts and never really intended on having a conversation via blog..ha.

anyway, a public forum isn't the best place for me to ask questions, so i'll leave them be.

anyway... sorry for making things somewhat awkward?

Esther said...

Am deciding what 2 say...