Saturday, October 17, 2009

15 Lbs Lost

I love being slender, but curves are good...Tear.

I'm still healthy, as I'm small boned, and naturally rather small. It's just that I've got this super fast metabolism, and frankly when I'm stressed I don't eat enough...Still eat more than most girls I know, but yeah... It's like my belly gets tied in knots, then it's like "Listen person I'm full of knots you can't really expect to fit food in here too."

So this lady came up to me at church last week, "You look like you've lost weight?"

I'm not gonna lie, "Uh yeah 15 lbs..." I say, then I prepare to defend myself. And wonder, "Why did I have to wear something snug enough to show how scrawny I'm getting. Ugh stupidness."

But she says something enthusiastic like, "That's great! How did you do it!"

And I'm all thinking "Crazy lady," but I tell her, "Yeah actually I thought I looked good before. It wasn't on purpose....Stress."

She back tracked rapidly. It reminded me of listening to a friend complement a person for losing weight and the girl was all, "But you didn't think I looked good before?!"

And I felt like a jerk, because she was being nice. Actually I was a jerk. Or maybe I just came off that way.

Now that I think about it was kinda nice for a change. People are always griping at me 4 being skinny.

Currently it's true that I would look better with a little more meat, but why is it so acceptable to tell skinny people they need to eat more to gain weight? If I told all the fat people that they should eat less to lose weight, everyone would be mad at me. But random people are forever telling me that I need to eat more. I'm too bony. I need to gain weight. Bla bla bla.

At least I am healthy.


So (because I'm vain) I'm all cramming food into myself. My main problem is that I take forever to eat. I'll be only half through while everyone else is done. Sigh.

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