Saturday, October 31, 2009

Guy Pretty Vs Girl Pretty Dresses & 'Window Shopping'

Our church group has a weird habit of going to Wal-Mart anytime we are in Athens, and to the mall when we are in Cleveland. It's usually the guys' idea; I suppose to window shop. Several of them once explained to me that window shopping means looking at girls. (Interestingly enough they said they'd never heard of window shopping being looking at clothing/store items without buying. But it fits.)

So yeah, in between services our group was at our ghost town of a mall: not many stores left... (I'm not remembering any pretty girls there either. And definitely no good looking guys--except the ones with us lol.) Twas rather empty.

But I'm not complaining; sometimes I do actually like to shop. And some of Deb's maxi dresses were on sale for $5. After Jessie rejected a "not girly enough" dress I directed her to a frou frou 'thing' (I dunno what else to call it.) The hip area was spewing a huge puff of crinkly white lacy shredded fabric masquerading as ruffles. It was horrid. I cannot explain the horridness of it. "Is this one girly enough for you Jessie?" I said sweetly.

She loved it.

(I just lied.) Actually she exclaimed at the scariness of it then picked out a black dress that was feminine enough for her with a bow thingy at the top. She asked it handed down to her. She is short. (Or maybe we were just blocking the rack...)

The other girl held out an orange silky dress with a tropical forest growing on it, "I think I would actually wear this...Looks like the dress I didn't buy in Ross. Remember it. I went back for it, but it was gone."

(Men have stories about, "the fish that got away." Women have stories about, "the sale that got away.")

"Guys don't like these dresses." She said a bit later.

I wrinkle my forehead, "Why not? Are you sure?

"Yes, [The Tall Blonde Boy] and [P.K]. told me guys hated them."

"But [The Tall Blonde Boy] told me he loved my green dress." (Guys are such weird waffley things. Why can't they say what they mean and mean what they say.)
"Maybe it was just [P.K]." she answered.
They both put their dresses back.
I tried on 2 then bought the black one with the bow thing. I probably wouldn't have bought it if I thought all guys hated long-maxi-dresses.

It's not like my life revolves around boys, but hey they matter, and I do care. I'm just not after that particular guy.

I do majorly dislike the tent-like maxi dresses without any shape, or the ones made of tarp material. I like my hips.

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