Saturday, November 7, 2009


It was very small and white, and apparently had rolled from her purse onto the floor.  (I'm obsessed with small things--It's very strange.) Anyway it was about 1/4 the size of a hole punch, so I picked it up with my thumb and forefinger then set it in my palm.

"Probably for PMS, allergies, or congestion or something" I thought

"What is this? I'm gonna take it."

My friend started freaking out, "No don't! Those are really bad for you! I'm serious they can mess you up bad!"

But it's so cute. "Why do you have them if they are bad?"

"_______ has a prescription and gave some to me."

I shrugged and tossed it in the trash.

I must not have told her I didn't take it because an hour or so later she was still freaking out "You OK? Did you really take that?"

"It's in the trash if ya want it."

I never did ask what it was. Probably something minor but....

Still curious

I once bought Retin A online through some Mexican pharmacy. Was $14 a tube V's the $65 from, or $120 from CVS Pharmacy. (And it was name brand Retin A which I found to actually work better than generic.) Then I told all my friends that I was buying drugs online from Mexico. (Hated to admit that, yes, I did have a prescription.)

I also threatened to buy Lamisil online from India if my podiatrist wouldn't prescribe it for me. (He had, on previous visits, told me I didn't need it citing expensiveness as his main reason, and my liver as if it was a minor concern. I was all "Dude it's OK. I just want my toes fixed. My liver can be wounded a little")

A month later a friend asked me "Did you get those lamisil pills." In front of everyone. At a restaurant. While we were eating. I made huge distressed eyes at her, (in case they had watched or heard of the gross tv ads.)

Thankfully she quickly changed the subject.

So yeah

Wasn't it nice of me to scar your retina's with those links?

My feet didn't look that bad... They are better now. My liver survived too. :)

Amusement park water rides are evil.


too much time on my hands said...

but not curious enough to ask what it was?????.............curious?

Esther said...

Just not RUDE enough to ask.

too much time on my hands said...

you are too kind