Saturday, November 21, 2009

My Sedu Straightening Iron & Rebate Sites

I finally bought a straightening iron. (I gave my sedu to my cousin when she left for school) Had been planning to buy a new one for myself, but was waiting for a good sale. Plus I fried my hair this summer in chlorine swimming pools, and wanted to give it time to recuperate. I gave up & ended up just chopping it though.

(I will soon get to see what my DIY haircut looks like straightened. Eeeks.)

$119, is the reg sale price for the one I bought), but my hair straightened with a cheapo iron looks scary. Hannah W straightened my hair with her straightner in VA one day; it took her forever and a lifetime, then afterwards my hair was monstrously puffy and huge. The pictures & videos are horrifying. May you never see them....

I like that my hair is curly, but I have been curly for months, and am so tired of curls.

I was able to use a $35 off code on, when I bought my iron. and will receive a chash back check from Ebates.

So yeah Rebate Sites:

If you've never used any cash back sites, you should try them out; they're easy. I joined both Ebates and Big Crumbs several years ago, and I bounce between the two depending where I'm shopping. gives a higher percentage cash back for Folica, but Big Crumbs generally pays higher for eBay and allows cash back on eBay gift certificates. [Edit: ebay no longer participates in cashback sites, but they did create their own program--ebaybucks. Sign up for an automatic 2% to be used for future purchases.]

Big Crumbs will credit your paypal acount every month, and Ebates sends a check via postal mail quarterly. (Have been using them for long enough to know that they do work.)

So yeah.

You should sign up.  Click here to go to Ebates  or Click here to go to Big Crumbs

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