Saturday, November 14, 2009

Weddings = fights & family fueding? (I didn't know this)

I had been asked to help seat people at my friends wedding reception Saturday.  The bride had made place-cards and a list showing where everyone was to be seated. Four ladies were requested to help people find their tables. Yes, it was odd escorting men to their seats, but was an honor pointing out that I was a favorite friend :) I handed my elbow off (as a joke) and held my chin high lol.

The people I was helping had warned me that they expected fights & family feuding, but I laughed it off. People don't do that at weddings.

Most of the people were members of an affiliation that I had briefly considered joining (Do not tell Lisa lol.)

Half of them were talking about how they "Don't expect this marriage to last" and some of them were openly talking hatefully about the bride. And she is nice.

A few threw a fit about not being seated with their cousins or something whining, "She's splitting up family's," they said, as if she asked them to divorce a wife or husband.

I told them, "It was unintentional; I'm sure." Then looked at the chart to see what was happening.

"No she didn't put husbands at different tables than their wives, but she did seat all the single people together," (which did seat them away from their family.) I don't believe it's possible to divorce your aunt but you can try...

Then they pursed their lips and angrily declared, "No! It probably was intentional," while the other offended parties nodded their heads bitterly.

If there are 25 people in your extended family then yeah you all probably aren't going to fit at an 8 person table. You can call it "Splitting up families" all you want but unless we throw the bridal party off, then double seat the bridal table with your people there's no way you're all gonna fit together...

I did move them to the tables they wanted to be at. (One of them, being single, was supposed to be at my table lol. So she was gone.)

My table people (the ones that stayed) were all very charming. I enjoyed their company immensely.

PS: I missed the wedding

(I'd lost my invitation, and incorrectly remembered the time; I thought I was 30 minutes early, but instead was 30 minutes late. I walked up as everyone was mingling at the exit doors, so everyone thought I had been there the whole time. It was a very short wedding; less than 30 minutes.)

When the bride mentioned not seeing me at the wedding ceremony I said, "Yeah well I was sitting behind a great big fat man. Couldn't see a thing."

Then I admitted to having missed the wedding, but only to her (the bride) and my friend Crystal's family, because I was afraid those people might eat me.

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