Thursday, November 19, 2009

In which I weird people out by remembering their names

I have a really good memory. Not numbers like dates or times, but events and details

I can usually pull an event or conversation from my mind instantly; sometimes fun stuff, sometimes just mundane useless stuff. Or other times I remember something awkward & cringe, and am all 'Bla stupid me. I'm gonna avoid them forever.'

Weirds M. out for me to remember the story about his ex-girlfriend and her ex fiancé and put all the pieces together to figure who and what he is talking about, but he told me and now I remember. It's not like I am emotionally attached to them. I just know the story, because I've seen so many puzzle pieces that my mind put the pieces together...

Yeah this is a rambling post..

Last week at a social event I saw a girl who was in my cabin for a week at a youth camp some years ago. She was friendly (back then), though it was awkward to be in a clique that actually didn't talk to anyone except for the few people deemed 'cool people'. (In defense of myself I always abandoned them for an hour or so every day to talk to other people. That makes me a nice non-cliquey person right?...)

At any rate I recently saw this girl, so I said hi.

Seriously just, "Hi how are you [Name of person]."

She asked, "Where do I know you from?"

And I told her "Yeah _______ youth camp. It's been a long time ago."

Then she gave me a look that said you-are-really-weird-why-are-you-talking-to-me, and said "Yeah, I was 12." Just kinda, 'Why do you remember me? I don't remember you.'

I thought 'Sweetie, I just said hi. It’s not like I asked you to be my bridesmaid.'

Is somewhat awkward I guess to not remember a person’s name if they don't remember yours, but was more than that. Maybe I am not considered 'cool enough to talk to' now lol.

Then a guy who I had met years ago was at this wedding and was introducing himself to me and I said "Yeah I think I met you once actually." Then thought, 'ugh I hope he is not like that girl. Why didn't I just say my name?"

And he was just "Well is really nice to get reacquainted." And it was cool.

But yeah
Cliques are not necessarily wrong imo just so you try not to exclude people. I was in one once and my current pastor asked me to please include a few more people. He told me that I was hurting people. But honestly those girls did not want to be with us; we had tried to get them to hang out. Maybe they chose not to because we just played basketball with the boys the whole time. (Basketball was great-- I really loved those days...) But you can't have people who don't want to be had.


someone who knows said...

with a memory like that.....your (future) husband doesn't stand a chance at winning many "spats".

clueless said...

if some one remembered my name (not to mention appearence after so many years) i would not only be impressed, but also flattered. ...............or i would wonder what kind of stupid stunt that i did that you would remember me after all those years ,as i have a pathetic memory.

Anonymous said...

yeah, sometimes people just don't feel comfortable in that 'clique'.

we know you try.

i don't get involved because i am not like those people, besides the fact that i love Jesus Christ.

so i stay away. in the long run, it has turned out better that way.

not many people get me and misinterperet things i say. i get tired of defending myself.

the Lord is all that matters.
friends are secondary.

drama is the last thing i need in my life.

but grats on the good memory.

Esther said...

I am not in a clique anymore actually, and Saturday was the first time I've played a basketball game in months.

It could be boring to force yourself to play backetball or the like if you dislike sports, and I'm not sure who you are, but friends are important. You should try again lol.

Maybe we (you and I) really won't/don't click, but pleanty of other people don't do sports either...

...And if this is D. People are actually cool with you. I've not been dissing you.