Thursday, November 12, 2009

Evil Spare Bed

When I get ready, and am trying on clothes, I lay the rejects on my bed. Everyone does that right?

If I have time I'll put them away up before leaving. If not I've always hung them back up before I go to bed. Because I must sleep in my bed, and because I hate ironing. And because I DO NOT PUT CLOTHES ON THE FLOOR.

(Disclosure: When I'm sick I do throw my dirty clothes on the floor.)

Same with sewing. I stick pins in my mattress sheets and cut things, and seam rip bits of jean threads all over the bed, but I must sleep there; so I clean it up.

So it works.

(I should say it worked; using the past tense.)

Because now there is this wonderful bed that I do not sleep on.

When my cousin moved to PA for school I left her bed. I thought it would make her happy. Felt like when she was talking about moving to PA she felt thrown out when the kids discussed putting her bed and dresser in storage. Like "They don't want me. I don't belong here." She is insecure enough already (aren't we all at times), so I thought I'd attempt to fix things somewhat because I love her. So I kept her bed and dresser in my room. I wanted her to come home and feel at home.

I did insist that Roofie(sp?) move to PA with her. (Sorry 'bout that sis. He scared Tuffy.) 'Sides he would'a missed her anyway.

Currently my sewing projects are laying all over that bed. And laundry when I run out of hangers. Sometimes I put outfits there that I plan to wear soon. I had one yellow outfit lying on that bed for 2 weeks! It's ridiculous. It has become my clutter spot.
(Why do I accept hanging future outfits over the door-frame of my closet, but freak out by them laying on the spare bed? I make no sense)

I have determined to leave it (the bed) until after Christmas break, but I need to somehow quit viewing it as the place to put stuff...

Here's a picture of Roofie..


Roxy said...

I still can't believe she is gone! Do you know if she is having a good time? I hope so. Anyway, How are you?

Esther said...

I think she is having fun there in PA. Hannah is actually coming for Thanksgiving. Should be here Saturday.

I'm doing kinda sorta ok. Life is bla right now actually lol. I'm still ok.


Roxy said...

I'm...okay too. haha. We should get together over Christmas... I'll have LOTS of free time then. lol

Esther said...

That would be nice!