Saturday, September 12, 2009


2 Hug or Not 2 Hug: That is the question

It’s good for me to be hugged, and I love being hugged. (This totally excludes some people. I don't want everyone touching me.) I think its ok for me to hug guys. Just so I'm not all over them… And to the side. Guy hugs should be to the side probably. Not like I always do that but...

Anyway I don't usually worry about hugging girls. (If you sleep over, and spoon me in bed though it will creep me out.) And if you are tall enough that your breasts will be in my face, please accept a side hug... Ugh gross.

So to my story...
A year or two ago a girl friend told me, "I don't enjoy being hugged."

I can't remember the whole conversation, but we talked about it for a short while, then I asked, "So is it ok if I hug you anyway."

I guess I decided that she was broken, and I would just hug her anyway and eventually she would be better.

Anyway she said she was fine with that.
I forgot all about it. Hadn't been thinking farther about it, but a few weeks ago I reread her blog profile. Among a bunch of random things about her was "I don't like hugs"

I was like "Hey, she told me that." Then I determined that I would stop hugging her.

So I haven't been hugging her.

Then yesterday at church I walked over to sit by her. I made a mental note not to hug her. BTW she looks like someone who should be hugged. (How to explain her sad little girl face???)

Anyway it was all good. (As Toby would say.)

So after service she reaches over to hug me.

I was like, "Hey, you know you don't have to hug me"

She looked at me quizzically, so I continued, “I know you don't like hugging people. I don't want you to feel obligated to hug me."

She laughed or smiled or something "Its ok" she said "I just don't attack hug people. If I initiate the hug it’s ok."

Maybe we're good because I don't attack hug people. (Did I used to? Awkward.) Maybe she likes hugging people now. She hugs people all the time, but is still kinda...... I dunno....I should prefer not to make people uncomfortable.


Invisable_Ninja said...

Is this someone I hug too? If so I need to stop hugging her I guess..... Which will be hard for me! I can't help but give someone a hug when I see them ~_~

Roxy said...

So..I read somewhere that women have to have a certain amount of touches a day to be healthy.. it's like 8-16 touches a day. I never get mine..but when I do, I feel empowered and extremely happy.
I'm glad that you like hugs. =)

Esther said...

Michele, I think its ok to hug her some. Maybe she come to like being hugged a little (it sounded like it)Just not all the time.

Roxy, we are forever talking about hugs are we not? They are quite important IMO.