Saturday, September 12, 2009


Was a nice to-the-side hug, but the whole belly rubbing thing...

"Yeah, I think my belly is off limits." There, I said it.

Had been trying to work up the nerve for a couple of months.
Had been trying to remember how this got started in the first place.

--Was probably me; Poking him in the side.*

I made a mock swipe at him "But I'll totally poke yours."

"That’s kind of hypocritical; don't you think." Said a girl in front of me.

I grinned, "[It] was a joke. I didn't touch his belly."

The guy laughed it off, "She just doesn't want to be tickled."

But it’s cool. He understood, and wasn't mad. Appreciated even, that even though I was serious about not being touched I was willing to make a joke, so that people didn't think I was calling him a pervert.

I'm not very ticklish. I really don't mind the feeling of having my belly patted or poked. (Ok, ok, I like it. It makes me happy.) I'm just not so sure that my guy friends should be touching my belly. (Or me touching theirs).

Boundaries are good. I made some for myself when I was about 11 because other people needed them. I made some for myself when I was 16, because I needed them.

Side Tangent on Fat Rolls below:

*(Why do I think it’s ok to poke or pinch guy’s sides, but not ok to touch their bellies?) This guy doesn't have any fat left, but I love to pinch people’s fat rolls--I don't know why. It's very weird. (Fat rolls are not attractive to me. I just like to pinch them. And only peoples fat who I know very well.) Maybe I will stop; just in case it makes people cool with rubbing my belly.

PS. Just this week Jessie offered to get fatter so she would have fat rolls for me to poke. "I'll just eat a lot and stay up all night! Then I'll be fatter! And you can poke me!" I will totally poke Jessie in the side when she gets fat rolls. Jessie, you were serious right?



Invisable_Ninja said...

Lol I remember that! I don't think I was the one to say that though I think I was just sitting back and watching to see what happened.... Lol fat rolls?! Seriously?! That's hilarious!

Jes said... lol. I try to keep away from the "fat roll" line. Ha ha just don't poke me when I'm pregnant. I might be moody. =]

Esther said...

I don't remember you being there, Michele. Was an awkward conversation was it not? It helped that he was chill about everything though.

I don't really actually expect you to have fat rolls, Jessie, but I will totally poke you if you ever do. When ladies are pregnant they are so big the fat kinda spreads out over the baby, so the fat rolls go away (unless they are rather large ladies). Expecting ladies bellies are quite hard.

Afterwards though they have loose skin. I've heard them talking about stretching it out really far and how it'll bounce back like one of those toys from a 50 cent machine. (The thought actually really disgusts me.)