Saturday, September 19, 2009

Bad Day Part 1

This is an old post. (from 2 months ago)

After church a few Tuesdays ago our youth group went to Mickey Ds to eat. I don’t care much for McDonald’s food, but I wanted people. Needed people. I planned to relax and space out while listening to chatting and laughter.

We, like always, shoved 4 or 5 tables together and crowded in a few extra chairs as people straggled in. I like that about my church people; we (typically) have one big group rather than a bunch of small cliques. (I have been told recently that ‘The Libbey's don’t fit in’, but that’s a different story. Quit trying to make us not fit in. That's mean of you.)

“I had a really bad day today,” The guy who ended up next to me said.

My Cousin, who was across from us, said, “Me too, my day was awful”

“My day was worse than either of yours” I stated.

He looked at me skeptically, “I don’t know about that. I had a really bad day.”

“Tell us about your day” said the cousin to him “It’s good to get this stuff out in the open. Makes you feel better.”

“My boss was really upset with me. He fussed at me.” He hung his head pitifully.*

“My day was definitely worse” said the cousin. “A customer yelled at me. It wasn’t my fault. It was awful. [I think she said she cried, but I can’t remember for sure.] Tell us about your day. I’m sure my day was the worst,” She looked at me expectantly.

“My day was worse than either of yours” I reiterated. Then I left it like that. I mean I did not enter a pact to tell my bad-day story or anything. If they wanted to tell theirs that was fine…

“Wow, I’m starting to feel better” says the guy, “Tell us about your day, Esther**. What happened?”

“Weeeeell I don’t think so it might make you uncomfortable” I glanced away.***

"Come on we are your friends. You can be open with us. We will make you feel better." said the cousin."We don't mind at all; we'd like to know."

“Don’t know about that. It’s an interesting and, strange story but…” ran through my mind.

They continued asking me to tell them for a while. And really I shouldn’t have told them I had a bad day if I was unwilling to discuss it. So I did.

”Look, someone propositioned me today.” I chose to leave out how I was all alone and how the man threatened me, and the rest of the scary stuff.

The guy who started this conversation said “Yeah my day wasn’t very bad. I had a really good day, in fact, compared to you guys’.”

My cousin quickly changed the conversation.

(But I will totally post about it.)


*Comment #1 (I tried, but wasn't able to figure out what was done/not done that the boss was upset about; it’s unfortunate, as I’m a curious person. At any rate, I’m sure it was something trivial or something he was uninformed about. The fellow isn’t a slacker.)

**Comment #2 (This guy does very well about throwing names into a conversation. I think his first girlfriend must have told him it made girls happy. He never used names before dating her. I should ask her. She totally changed him. he was way different BC. LOL)

***Comment #3 (After all this is the shy cousin. Plus I haven't known the guy very well for a long time now.)

Edit: Have since discussed this day with 'the cousin', and it was cool.

Anyway yeah

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