Saturday, September 19, 2009

Curls & Boys & Pink

My curly headed guy friend was complaining about his hair. The texture was a little off I think.

"What do you use on it?" I asked


"What kind?"

"Just regular gel" he said

I don't expect any guy to start using weekly hot oil treatments or caring about the protein Vs. moisture balance of their hair. (Most girls don't even do that--Just me.) Would be surprised if he would take the time to even use a leave-in conditioner before gel, but even just the kind of gel you use makes a huge difference on how well your hair does--especially if you are curly headed.

"I'll buy you a good gel," I said.
I went home and looked closer at my hair stuff. Most of my gel bottles are a mix of 4 or 5 different products (I mix things until I get the texture, hold, shine, and slip just right for my hair). I only have one unmixed gel (actually the bottle says styling lotion, but whatever...) It's a clear syrupy serum; works amazingly well...Its perfect--no changes were necessary.

Unfortunately I can't buy him that.

It's a pink swirey bottle called got2be 2 Sexy. (The round bottle--It's gotta be the round bottle.)

In between writing and posting this (was waiting on a pic of my gel); He had his curls chopped off. His hair still looks nice, and I quite like it; I imagine its a nice change for him, but I hope he eventually grows them back.

In the meanwhile... What do I buy the boy.

I told him I would.


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