Saturday, September 26, 2009

Bubble Gum Pink

"That is the color of pink that I want!!" My sister stared at the guy in front of us, or rather at the back of his T-Shirt.

"Yeah, bublegum pink only lighter," I reiterated what she has been saying.

"I don't necessary like that shirt on him, but the pink is perfect."

We were in church (second to front row to be exact), so couldn't continue our conversation about The Bublegum Pink Shirt, but it was nice to finally see the perfect pink after hearing her needing it for so long.

Leah wants a pink shirt, but it has to be the perfect color pink, bubblegum pink or freshly chewed double-bubble bubblegum pink to be exact. We have been talking about this pink for months--literally. Maybe years

Every-time I find a pink shirt and show it to her she says "Not the right color."

But about guys wearing pink T-shirts...


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