Saturday, July 24, 2010

Organizing...(And Giving Some of My Clothes Away?) AKA My NonMinimalistic Lifestyle Take 2

My clothes rod fell down last week.

My closet is not set up correctly; one of the clothes rod holder things was not there when I inherited the bedroom. It's a faulty rod setup. That's true. I promise. Here is a picture.

But it fell because it was overloaded.

Mom suggested I use an extra dresser; she also mentioned using the rack that Hannah had used for some of her clothes, but I keep picturing in my head the room a friend/acquaintance's description,
"I shop a lot. Besides my bedroom closet I have an extra bedroom just for clothes, and I have 3 of those big round metal racks that are in stores... I still have to go through it about once a month though and bag up 3 of those big black garbage bags full of clothes to give away every month."
(If I knew her better I would've asked for one or two of those black trash bags of hand-me-down clothes. She buys expensive clothes. And extra clothes racks are tempting.)

But I cringe at the thought of becoming like that. (Ouch!) I spend very little on clothes; I'll never have her credit card payments, but--

Obviously I have too many clothes for my closet. I do have room for another dresser or two since I moved out the spare bed and Hannah's dresser, but I don't want another dresser. I would probably only end up using it for papers and books anyway. (I hate putting clothes in drawers...) I also dislike the thought of another clothes rack. It reeks of losing control, and giving in, and OCD, and my acquaintance whose extra room (turned closet) I am writing about.

In February I wrote about my solution here. "If I don't wear an item within a year I will lose it." I told myself.  Then I turned all my hangers backward to keep track.) It was brilliant. And simple.

My year is only 2/3rds over, and I have worn almost everything.

Before I freed the rod from the grasping hooks of my white plastic hangers I pulled all clothing out that was on backward hangers out, and set them on top of my hamper. There were just a few things and I easily dropped them into my giveaway box.

Surprisingly I had worn almost all of the clothes in my closet.

The hanger challenge did help me purge unnecessary clothing. It just happened sooner than I expected. I gave away clothes each month because I noticed the things that weren't being worn, and that helped me to realize that I didn't need them.

I was somewhat disappointed to not have a big closet clean out day, but it was very painless.

That means I need all my clothes right?

No. I don't. I need for my closet rod to not keep falling. I need my life to be organized.


If I became filthy rich...

I would have a huge walk in closet, with a 3 sided miror, and would buy 2 stunning formal dresses every year--if I had somewhere to wear them to. (None with crinoline under them. Those are hideous. On me.)

Where was I?

Other than those dresses I would require myself to toss anything that hadn't been worn in ummm......... 2 years???

That sounds reasonable.

No maybe not. I think I should stick to once a year or every 18 months...

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