Thursday, July 29, 2010

Do Things Poorly: In Defence of the Mediocre

My latest goal (well one of them) is to do things poorly.

(That's just the way I word it to myself, so that I remember.)

People talk about perfectionism as if it's a wonderful glorious thing. As if perfectionists do everything perfectly, and thus are perfect.

That's not true.

Perfectionists often skip important things because they aren't smart enough or skilled enough to do that thing perfectly. Or they wait until, "I have time to do a good [perfect] job."

Sometimes they take so much time doing an awesome job, but instead could complete three mediocre jobs in the same time frame... And have some spare time.

Do things poorly

Spare time. Coming right up.

I hope.

For instance, I've never written one of those letters to the pastor that we are supposed to write yearly. I start one every year, but am so stuck on getting it perfect that I toss everything mediocre, and thus have never finished one. It would be better to write poorly then to not write at all...


david b. said...


SharriBeth said...

My goal recently is to not be so annoying... It's not working. Then if it comes up as to how annoying I am everyone says "Oh, no! You're not annoying!" because they don't want me to be offended, but I don't understand why they do that when I know that they are lying through their teeth. I'm actually quite aware as to how annoying I am. ^_^

Esther said...

@Sharri You are a lovable little person.

Just because a person is careful to not give people the wrong impression doesn't mean they don't value your friendship.

We can be rough around the edges sometimes, but really we do love ya