Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Life is still worth living without a boyfriend

Another several-months-old post from my drafts...

There was a Sunday recently that Pastor ended his sermon talking about how, "Our young people lately have felt pressured to date someone... Our young people need to not settle for just anyone breathing."

I stayed in the back, and scrunched my face up thinking about the time we were talking about couples, and I had said "Life is still worth living without a boyfriend. It's still good." The girl had answered, "Not really. It isn't. Not hardly."

Then she started dating a boy and proclaiming her love and adoration for him all while mournfully saying things like "I've crossed the tracks. My life is going downhill from here on out," in reference to her relationship....

So there I was annoyingly thinking pitying thoughts about him. When my brother-in-law came over to me. Where I was standing. And prayed for me. Just by myself. He looked so sincere, and was praying So loudly.

About that subject. About not settling for a not good enough guy....

About me.

I stood there feeling my face get red... Afterward I laughed awkwardly, and told him, "I'm not settling. I'm not even dating anyone right now. What was that for?.."

Yeah anyway awkward.

But what is settling to you?


Amy Lizzy said...

Settling is...

not waiting on that person that takes your heart away

when you are with someone even though it doesn't make either or both of you better people

making decisions based on what opportunities there are without considering what opportunities there may be someday

giving of yourself when the relationship isn't true, deep, satisfying, challenging, emotional connection

In short, if you have to ask yourself if you're setting then yes you are. If you hesitate, then yes you're settling.

When true love finds you -likely in an unexpected time and way- then you will know without a doubt that you care more about the other person than yourself, you are both better people than before the relationship, and mostly - its when your world falls apart if they aren't part of it...

That's my opinion.

David B. said...

Well said, Amy. Agreed 100%.