Thursday, August 19, 2010

(I will conquer you) I Want Straight Hair

Not for always. Love my curls.

I just want straight hair to be an option. Without having kinks stage a successful takeover two hours after I leave the house.

Preferably also without 3 days preparation time.
I just want to look nice. If I can't make straightened hair look good why bother. (For a long time I've stayed curly.)

But I'm tired of curls.

So I've been experimenting with  my straightening routine (on days when I won't see people.) I now know how to get my hair to stay reasonably straight, but it's still really big.

Here are some pics of my straightened hair.


And you think that's bad? That's not all my hair. All this is still in the back, I'm like a walking hairball...

I didn't allow myself to stay home, (Yay me.) but I had to pull it back which worked, but made straightening it a waste of time... 

I used this bandette comb from Clares. Would love to find a barrette that would hold all my hair (I'd wear it at the base of my neck like this) but so far no luck...

Then threw on a hair flower (I made this one)

Still, why straighten my hair if I just have to wear it back 'cause it's so big?

Hair, I will conquer you.

[May 2014 Update: I did it. My iron will conquered my glory. Dominated my curls. In fact they left for a while. Probably I should've babied them more, so they would've stayed around. I miss them now...]


*Hales said...

I think it might be your straightener that makes your hair so "big." I have a straightener that does the same thing to my hair. needless to say, I don't use it anymore.

You could try using one that gets a little hotter than the one you have now. Mine gets over 400 degrees I believe. It wont damage your hair if you use a heat protectant. (I use to straighten my hair on 400+ WITHOUT a heat protectant and it never did anything bad to my hair.

I got my straightener at Sally's. Can't remember the exact price but you can look at it here.,default,pd.html

Just a sugestion.

Good luck. :)

*Hales said...

aww my link didn't work.


Amy Lizzy said...

Curly to straight is a hard thing to make happen! Some mornings I get up, check the weather, and then determine my curly or straight status. If there's a chance of precipitation or its very humid then it has to be a curly day.

Best of luck to you! I think *Hales is right, the straightener does have a lot to do with the outcome. Mine came from Sally's too - I think the brand is ION.

Esther said...

My first straightener was the most expensive one Sally's carried. And it worked better than my friends inexpensive ones, but wasn't as good as my hair stylist's, so I bought a sedu which works better, but...

I can't get my hair to deflate unless it's not been washed for a few days. (Two days after I took these pictures my hair looked great.)

And I guess that works but I hate not being to decide: I want straight hair today, and having it. Plus if I'm going to be around people all week I can't be a hairball for a few days while I'm waiting for my hair to tame down.

I'm learning how to use sealers & humectants though and I think I can master this.

Dani said...

For my hair to be straight I have to run a straightener through it twice, I have no idea why either it is a name brand ( not cheap one ) I think the level of frizz in my hair has something to do with it, but anyway you might try that and see where it gets you.