Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tell me I'm not the only one.

"So are you going to that church in Maryville tonight?" Daniel asked Sunday.

(My sister and brother-in-law are very worried about my singleness. They think I will meet a guy there...)


"Why not?"

"I'm broke out."

"Let me see your face." It was a demand not a question.

"Two Pimples. How tragic." Shalom said sarcastically. "That is nothing. You're freaking out over two pimples. Don't you normally get a few every month?"

"No, I don't! I use a face mask a few days before and stay clear."

So I went to my usual Sunday night church, Bethesda (And yes there are handsome guys there, but they've seen me at my roughest already, so it doesn't make much difference...)

Still I did not hang out afterwards. Even though I was asked a lot of times, and one of the guys said, "Come with?" in a sad begging little boy voice. Begging is better from masculine men.  :)

Do you let your bad hair/skin day get in the way of your life?

I tell myself that sometimes its ok--Just not all the time. And I'm not allowed to completely avoid everyone non related to me just because I don't feel pretty.

Why I broke out? Well...

On the 7th I used Mario Badescue's Silver Powder face mask.

Instructions: ...Press on... Wait 10 minutes and wipe off with toner or astringent

I slept in it. For 5 hours. Woke up in the night and removed it with these astringent soaked facial pads.

It's supposed to um... Clean your pores.

I broke out on the 9th (Friday.) Presumably because that mask irratated my skin. (Maybe using it 30 times as long as recommended had something to do with that.)

Tried the drying cream that I wrote about to heal/cover the redness and I was apparently very pale when I last used it 'cause it left a white smear.

Maybe it was the m&m's...I had eaten m&m's everyday for at least 2 months. Maybe 3 months. Every day! Isn't that amazing. I live an enchanted life.
I should try the mask again. Maybe 3 hours this time instead of 5.


Roxy said...

You crack me up.

David B said...

Esther, contrary to what you may think, you are always quite beautiful. I wouldn't let a couple of spots on your face get in the way of doing things. As a guy, I can tell you... most of us wouldn't even notice, let alone care. That's a cute story, though.