Saturday, July 10, 2010

2009 Goal (well one of them): Take more Pictures

 Looking at pictures lately...

Why is my neck at that weird angle?

Must I always wrap my arms around people's waist when I am photographed with them? I look like I'm enthusiastically squashing them to death...Creepy

I need to look at the camera when a picture is being taken. My smile is great. My face is facing the camera, but.... my eyes are darting in the opposite direction.

Dude I need to straighten my shoulders. Do I usually slump like that?

I should have put my heels back on on; that dress drags.

Whats with all the junk in the background?


Dead pictures haha. I <3 them.

That day was so much fun.

My eyebrows are considerably nicer now.

My life is really cool. Look at all the neat things I've done lately.

I love my friends.

"Take a picture with me," Sharon said pulling out her cell phone.

"Right now? In the middle of Wal-mart??!!" I asked, cringing slightly as shoppers milled past.

She glanced down the aisle we were standing in, "Yeah, I don't think anything of it... I do it all the time. Shell and I take pictures everywhere."

I glanced awkwardly around, "OK. Sure." then I bent at my knees so my face would be closer to her level. (I have a lot of short friends. Really, really short friends...)

She took 3 or 4 pictures; they were all off focus or blurry or showing only half of each of our faces.

"Last one." I said, and cheesed one more time. "If this one doesn't work I'm giving up."
I should let people take pictures with me. I know that. I like pictures. It's just... I am showing my age I know, but taking pictures in the middle of Wal-mart feels so weird.

Leah isn't really any more photogenic than me. She does have self portrait skills, holding the camera up and centering herself perfectly. But the real reason she has so many more pics is because she takes the time to take pictures. A lot of them.

A piece of that is really weird and awkward to me.

But I would like to have more pictures. So, yeah, my latest goal is to start taking pictures more often. I'm a little too old to be making Wal-Mart my personal photo booth, but elsewhere you know.
I wrote most of this post in 2009.
After the jump: a few pictures from after our formal dinner.

At Seth's guitar recital I held my finger over the camera speaker and clicked through Leah's pictures while I waited through all the French and boring speeches piano playing & such. (It was a seriously boring recital; I have no guilt.)

Was laughing at the pictures after the formal dinner. Leah was having Mom photograph her. And me?

I had crashed on the couch. (I had already had a couple of good ones taken though so its OK.)

Last year: Me having 'dead pictures' and upside down ones. Poor sister I'm crowding up her glamorous shots with my weirdness lol.


david b. said...

pictures are a good thing. i take way too many, but that's better than none at all in my opinion. A+ for the dead pics. also, pictures at wal-mart sound bleh. you're totally correct on that one.

SharriBeth said...

I don't know, I like my walmart pictures. :) Lol. You should take more pictures though. They are fun to look at later on. Like the ones from youth camp, they're great. :)

Esther said...

I think younger people can get away with taking pictures in odder places :)

Sharri: Wasn't it funny Friday when people were talking about kids taking pictures and your Dad said, "Esther doesn't do that though." And I was all "Oh I'm going to start."

You were there right?

david b. said...

ha. i can just imagine those words coming from you, all wide eyed and semi-defiant. it's cute in my head, at least.

probably not how it happened, but it made me laugh. it's like i told you two years ago, you should! pictures are a good thing. a captured moment in time in which you can reflect on and smile. nothing wrong with that. hope all is well for the Libbey family and everyone else that I miss. see you soon.