Thursday, July 15, 2010

So My Overloaded Clothes Rod Crashed... Again

"Will you fix my closet please?" I looked up at him with big sad eyes.

I always ask Seth or N8 when I need help. Truthfully any of the brothers would help me, but N8 & Seth screw things/carry heavy objects/kill bees without having to remind them a lot of times. And they don't make fun of me for asking.

(Well except that time I had a nightmare about sock snakes. They ALL still laugh at me 4 that...)

I don't feel like I am a bother to them. (Or at least not much of a bother...)

But my clothes rod fell several times while I shared a closet with Hannah. Plus once since she moved out. It's not the first time I've asked for help putting it back up. So I kinda expected some ragging...

"Again!" Seth said, then turned to a sibling (I can't remember which one.) "I'm not fixin' that thang til she gets rid of some stuff. 500 lbs of clothes and she wonders why it keeps fallin'..."

Actually I've never wondered why it falls. I've always known I have too many clothes on the rod. The Libbey part of me wanted to prove that his statement incorrect, and I could have, but when you want something from someone you are not to argue with their beside-the-point logic. (Pick your battles; I learned that in church.)

One side of my mouth turned down, "I did take some things out," I said quietly, hung my head sadly, and slouched my shoulders in mock defeat, (FYI: My shame and sadness were not faked only exemplified.)

It didn't work.

Actually he was still going to fix it.
I know he would've.
He always does.

But just in case... "If you fix my closet I'll go to town and buy you candy!"

Libbey's love candy A LOT. According to Leah's facebook page she loves candy more than she loves me. That's sad :(

"Naw I'll fix it. For free. You don't even have to give me candy."

And he did.

I feel very loved.

I went to town and bought candy anyway. Then I ate it all.
That's sad :(

He ate some of it too though. Probably. You see my family + Toby + Laura watched Despicable Me and that's where the candy was eaten up. I passed it around several times, and he was there.

He is a Libbey. I'm sure he ate some.

And I hadn't told him I'd bought it for him.

Will not feel guilty

PS: I would like 2 minions for my next birthday, or for Christmas.


Amy Lizzy said...

Brothers are so good to have! Mine always fix things for me when they come visit.

I miss them!

Glad your bro's are helpful too.

SharriBeth said...

Wish mine were like that :(

Esther said...

@Amy, yep Their good to have :)

@Sharri, They'll grow up :) A little small now to do much heavy lifting.