Thursday, July 1, 2010

I shall name this post Spots

This is me...

I'm 25. My face shouldn't still be an oil slick.

But...since my sebaceous (oil) glands forgot to notice that I've grown up I gotta work to keep my face clear.

And I do. And it is.


But sometimes I break out :o

When that happens

I don't cry or scream. Thats childish.

Instead I pout. (How mature of me...)

In this pic I have the Proactive refining mask dotted on my face. (I don't use their skincare line; just the mask.)

...But one night I had dotted a little on a couple of breakouts and forgot to wash it off in the morning. So uh... I went to work with spots. "Um Esther you've got toothpaste on your face," Jeff said.

So now I use Mario Badescue's drying cream. They gave me the cutest samples a year ago. (Probably I love the tiny containers more than the products--Weird me.) The drying cream works really well though, It's a little too yellow, but blends with my skin color, so I can get away with wearing it throughout the day. I'll probably buy some when I use up this sample, but it should last another year or two, since I rarely need it.

So Tiny!! See the size comparison with a bobby pin. Adorable!!


"Esther why are you posting this?"
"The pic? To go with my post-- besides you told me to take more pictures."
"This wasn't what I had in mind when I told you to start taking more pictures."
"My cheeks are cute anyway. Look how fat they are."
"Avoidance. You are avoiding the subject."
"Is it really a good idea to mention all your skin care stuff? Shouldn't you pretend to never do anything and still have perfect skin?"
"You want me to lie?!!" *gasp*
"Omitting those things isn't lying; it's tact--and you know it."
"Get over yourself. It's a funny picture."
"Whatever, ok keep the picture, but it's more than just about the picture... You should think about it. Didn't one of your mentors tell you to never tell anyone about any of your flaws?"
To be continued
"--Um No. Not to be continued.."
"I wasn't talking to you."
The best thing about arguing with myself?
I usually win.
The worst thing... I tend to lose
If you want samples from Mario Badescue just answer a few questions about your skin here; they'll send you an email telling you what to buy "tailored to fit your skin care needs." Then in 6 weeks they'll send you another email with a link to click for free samples.

And you should save the containers for me so I can reuse them for my hair and skin potions.

PS: This is not the worst picture online of me. But you do not have my permission to repost it anywhere.


*Hales said...

I love your argument with yourself. It's so funny :D

Esther said...

Thank you dear.