Thursday, May 6, 2010

Fears: (Not like I have them or anything, but I can always write about other people's...)

At church last night after the preaching Pastor said people who were struggling with fear should come up to the altar to pray & be prayed for.

"I probably should go," my friend said with a frustrated sigh, "But I really don't want to."

"Want me to go with you?" I asked. "Because, you know, I will."

So we walked up there, and yeah it was actually a little awkward.

Except for a few people everyone just bunched up and prayed for other people because they didn't have the nerve to admit that they wanted/needed prayer their own self. They were afraid to admit that they are afraid I guess.*

'People will think I am battling fears. Hmmm,' I briefly tried to figure out what fears they would decide I was fighting. (I crack myself up all the time by thinking about what other people are probably thinking. I'm sure it's not normal, but whatever, it's hillarous.... Click here for a story about my past awfulness on that subject.)

I did actually pray for my friend also.

Then I was all trying to think of something I was afraid of. I went through a list of things people are afraid of and mentally crossed them off. 'Yeah, I'm not afraid of anything.' I told myself then remembered 'Oh. Yeah. That.' I froze inside a little bit then was all, 'Whatever not really. I'm over that now.'

At least mostly
My church is independant (as in not belonging to an organization.) But most people label our church pentacostal/charsmatic. (My family is not charsmatic though.) Our church are the kind of people who go to the altar and cry while we pray, and do the whole laying on of hands thing. (James 5:16 Mark 6:5 Luke 13:13 Matthew 19:13 Acts 19:11 Acts 19:6 I Timothy 4:14 ect.)


*(Everything is cracking me up today. Tomorrow I'm gonna look at this post, and be all "Esther you thought that was funny?" Then I'll think it's funny that I thought it was funny today (which by tomorrow will be yesterday. So my present and future self will both be happy. It's all good.)

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Nathan L. said...

I think it's important to realize you need to face your fears.

Some fears are normal and healthy (fear of snakes for example), but others can ruin your life if you let them get the better of you.

Hiding those fears or running from them only makes it worse. Confronting them is crazy hard, but very necessary sometimes.

Good stuff.