Monday, February 15, 2010

Clothes, Hangers, and My NonMinimalist lifestyle

One of my friends is always saying, "I prefer a minimalist lifestyle." I nod agreeable until she says, "I have only 2 pairs of jeans and 5 shirts, and I like it that way."

Then I'm all, "Huh? Um, ok" and try to hide my horror.

'I've been shopping with you; why buy so much if you're going to toss these things in a few months.'

Later on those nights, after she has been talking about her minimalistic lifestyle, I stand and admire the many colors of shirts in my drawers, and all the different shades of denim in my closet, and I feel very happy. (It's like that time my friend told me she was allergic to chocolate, and I savored my hollow milk chocolate bunny with extra appreciation.)

What I'm saying is: I like having lots of clothes--I'm not about to give away 2/3rds of everything that I own for the sake of minimalism. (I'm sure that lifestyle is awesome--for you--(I guess) It's not at all what I want.)

(I do not have as many clothes as Josh or N8, but that's not saying much lol...)

Because Shoes = Happiness!


My closet is almost full, and I refuse to put any clothes except work shirts, pajamas, and underclothes in my dresser drawers, (I hate ironing....) And there is just too much stuff in my room.

So I need to get rid of some of my clothes.

My solution:

Last week I washed all my clothes, hung them up, and then turned all my hangers backward. After I wear something and it's been washed, I hang it up with the hangers facing normal. This way I can see what I've been wearing and what is just taking up space.

Within a year (from last week) I will have to get rid of anything on a backward hanger. (I am excusing the 1 formal dress that I own from this purge.)

Today I added this event to November 8, 2010 on my google calendar "Must Give Away any clothing I haven't worn (AKA Backward hangers)" clicked on options and requested a SMS (text message) reminder to be sent to my cell at 5:30 that day.

Then I cheated and requested an email reminder to be sent to me 10 days before, so I can wear whatever I don't want to lose.

I told Danika that I was gonna show up for volleyball and be changing outfits every 15 minutes. ("Oh wait guys I'm sweaty--gotta change... Hold on a minute there's dirt on the hem of my skirt. Gotta change...."

Well see

Edit: This post is 2 months old and has been sitting in my drafts because I was waiting to add pictures of my closet. I've finally pulled the pics off my camera and onto a thumb-drive...

Isn't that hanger thing a nifty idea? I didn't think of it myself.

*I've always hated the look of the word 'clothes'. I look at it and I'm like cloth + es ugh. It just looks weird. It's bothering me. Ugh. The word is not aesthetically appealing.


Nathan L. said...

Ha! I have nowhere near as many clothes as you.

Amy Lizzy said...

That is so funny! I love lots of ideas... in theory... Reality, well, its a little different!

Esther said...

I dunno about that N8. It's just that I hang everything up I think.

You have dresserloads of clothes, Ha.

Unless you tossed some while moving...

Nathan L. said...

I think not. I'd say you have 30-47% more than me.

Esther said...

N8, if so it's only because you tossed a lot while moving out.

Which is not saying I don't have a lot of clothes; just that you do/did also

Nathan L. said...

: P

(I haven't tossed out any clothes for 6-7 months.) I don't think.