Thursday, February 18, 2010


"I need you to Pray, Tyler's mom has cancer," Becca told me yesterday her face was streaked with pain and tears.

The girl with her was relieved for a chance to get away and hurried off. (I can understand that to a point; raw emotion and streaky eyeliner can be awkward.)

Mostly for me, though, it's just hard to know what to say or do.
I listened to jumbled words and phrases like, "Don't know what to do." "It's spreading" and "Nine months to live."

I stayed, but I'm not sure if I was very comforting.

I don't know his mom.

or him.

We say, "Hi," on ocassion, but thats about it.

I know that he's 17.

I know Becca loves him, and I know that they are both hurting a lot.
Because 17 is too young to be imagining life without your mom.

And I do care, but I'm not so good at showing that I care.

Becca is not sad like she used to be sad (imo.) But how are we supposed to love people like they need to be loved?


PS: Both of my dad's parents died of cancer.

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