Saturday, February 13, 2010

PS: (to the commenter)

Because I can't comment via text msg. (Does anyone know how to do that? I would love to know how to comment via text .)

I had that post about throwing boring out-of-date stuff onto my blog already planned and scheduled via blogger drafts b4 you told me to feel free to ''talk about the weirdness'' because you don't read my blog anyway.

I haven't yet translated your French, so I don't know exactly what you said. but I have no intentions of being mean to you or anyone else on my blog, or anywhere else. Hope to have not given that impression

And last but definately not least- to the other people who read my blog comments- this is a different d. than the guy that I started to date. (Actually since it lasted only 2 seconds longer than a heartbeat before we quit being whatever we were it shouldn't be called dating.)

At any rate its not him.

But I am not hating anyone either way.

Peace and happiness and snow angels to you all

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