Monday, December 28, 2009

How To Receive Blogger/Blogspot Comments Via Text

I don't do much with my blog except post stuff, so this makes it easy to respond (or at least know when I should respond) to a comment. I have used Gmail Filters for years, so was aware that this would work, but only set it up recently...

To do this you must first have blogger comments sent to your email address. You're probably already set up for that. If not click here for easy instructions.

1) If you don't already know your picture text email address, find it by texting a picture to your email.
(Leave this email address for later)

2) Open an emailed-from-blogger comment email;

3) Click on the More Actions tab, then choose Filter Messages Like These.

4) Click on Next Step (You should see to the upper left in the From: box)

5) Check the Forward It To box, then in the white space enter your pix message email address
(The from email address as saved in step 1)

6) Click Update Filter (But Don't check the box for 'Also apply to conversations below'.)

And that's it. Pretty simple huh?

(You will also receive comments that you've signed up for on other people's Blogspots)

And yeah I applied the label blogger to my filter, because I like labels.

You could set up gmail filters to send you a text message instead of a picture message, but since texts can only receive 160 characters, you would probably only receive part of the comment/email...

With a pix message I've been able to receive 1,000 charactors in the body of the text plus the subject


Nathan L. said...

That was awesome, thank you!

(I also now have it sending me all kinds of useful emails :)

Esther said...

Someone used it!


Nathan L. said...


Right... You just wanted to put in your little spam link. : )

Esther said...

I deleted that comment. Will start using more complicated commenting if I get too much spam...