Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Yesterday when N8 came home

He knocked on my bedroom door. My family is quite social. We might not know where a person has gone once they leave the house, but at home there is usually games and conversation.

One of the 4 of us let him in, then Leah asked, "Where have you been and why wasn't I invited."

Then we all fussed about how we never see him anymore.

He said ,"I just ate. Then I went bowling"

"Who all was there? Where did you eat? Why do you never invite me?" Leah asked.

"Hibachi, and no one was there."

"No one?" even Seth, who had wandered in, was incredulous "You went bowling by yourself. How long did you bowl"

"10 games."

"All by yourself?"

"Yep...Hard day at work. Its very stress relieving."

So the 6 of us sat and discussed N8...

Then we discussed him again the next day on the ride home from work.

"Maybe He's got himself a woman," Jeff said.

"Yeah, but thats not N8. N8 would tell us." I said,

"Unless he was ashamed of her." I jokingly added

"--Or of us" Elijah dead-panned


Jes said...

Why do y'all fuss at him so much? 0_o

Esther said...

Because we love him...

Actually we don't fuss at N8 much.

I didn't say we fussed at him I said we fussed about never seeing him. Is not like chewing a person out. Is more, "Golly we miss you."

His bowling 10 games all alone was odd and interesting, but was not like we hated him for it.

Esther said...

But I guess different people could take it different ways...

Um, Jessie, I have told you a few times, "We never see you anymore." or the like. Does that annoy you? I can actually stop....

Jes said...

Um, no not really.

Esther said...

Sweet. I do miss you.

Whats up lately?

Jes said...

Garsh, I feel like I'm a million miles away lol. Um, here of late I've been trying to work with our new gas oven. Waiting for my diploma to come in the mail. Spending a lot of time with family. Yada yada. How are you?

Roxy said...

I can understand where he is coming from. I do things by myself all the time. I have seen ten movies this year... and i saw eight of those by myself. I like going shopping, to the bookstore, for a drive, a walk... anything really.. all alone.
I find it comforting. Anyway..
it never occurred to me to go bowling.
perhaps I shall add it to my list!

Esther said...

Jessie, did your diploma ever come?

I'm actually ok.

Too much drama in my life lately, but at least it's over... And it was interesting for a few days.

Esther said...


You'll have to let me know how you enjoy your bowling. :)

It is ok (of course) to do things alone; I just don't understand it completely.

I like being alone at times, and need some time alone.

Some. Only some.

(Usually that time is spent on my bike, on a walk, or in my room.)

The first time I went to a resturant alone to eat there was 2 men that were trying to talk to me, and it wasn't horrible, and they weren't scary. I just did not want to talk to them. And I think they were married and flirting. It was just, "Meh this is not my thing."

Panera though, I am perfectly comfortable eating there alone...

I can shop alone, but is forever more fun having Leah there to laugh with, or complain about how, "I don't like shoping...only stuff."

Jes said...

Sadly, no. I'm suppose to call the ACT ppl and Gateway today. Highly unmotivated.

Jes said...

Update: Gateway has my ACT score. the reason I don't have it was because I when I filled out my ACT registration online, I typed in my street address instead of my P.O. box. (We don't have a mail box.) But the online form was so demanding with it's STREET ADDRESS blank, I was freaking out and just filled out my street address. (I was just trying to do what it demanded.) lol. =]