Monday, December 14, 2009

More Randon Xmas Stuff.

Christmas is still somewhat scary for me, but things turned ok for my family. I think life as a Christian is like that. God takes the bad stuff and makes good stuff out of it. Doesn't make the bad stuff not bad just makes life awesome in spite of it. (Romans 8:28 has been one of my fav verses for a long time...) Like the time Joseph was kicked out of his family and sold into slavery; it was really awful, but God fixed it so it was good.

So yeah, good stuff: the church we are at now has been good for us and to us. We have grown here, and I think we have been better off here. It was a good time for a new place.

Our church people do Christmas, but most of them aren't mean about it.

(Far as I can tell, and don't correct me if I'm wrong,) Lisa is more worried about making us mad than mad at us for not coming to her Christmas thing. People should just live their lives, and if there is piece of your life that I'm uncomfortable with, I'll stay out of that particular piece.

Two of the first few years we were here our pastor asked me, "How would you feel about having a Christmas play at the church?"

I told him, "We wouldn't come, but you guys could do it anyway. You don't have to change things for us, and seriously I mean that."

Later I told Mom how they usually had a play and hadn't because of us she just said, "That was nice of him."

"It's really scary," I said. "What if he hates us later because of changing things?"

He still preaches a sermon geared toward Christmas around the 25th, so is not like he changed everything. (That makes me less worried about being hated for being different.) And really if I'm being reasonable he is not a person who is going to ask us to leave because we are different, but I would not have expected that from the other guy either...

I love Christmas lights; the white ones outlining houses are so pretty. And I'm completely cool with going Christmas shopping with my friends. (The sales are not so good; why do people think they are? It’s cool anyway. I need long sleeves T-shirts.) It’s awesome to have time off work. I listen to Christmas music occasionally (none of the annoying stuff though. I dunno how even the most staunch Christmas lover can stand some of that.). There is a Christmas song, 'Happy Birthday Jesus' it’s sung by a little boy. Anyway it is adorable, and there are a few other Xmas songs that I'm quite fond of.

I could argue very convincingly either for or against celebrating Christmas. (I'm not going to... I'm just telling you I could.)

I don't care if my friends celebrate Xmas. If someone asks me why we don't, I tell them a little about the pagan background. Maybe mention Jeramiah 10:1-5 or tell them to pick up an old encyclopedia and look up the origin (It's definitely nastier than Halloween), but I know most people don't think about Nimrod and Semiramis, and instead associate Xmas with Jesus birth. Is not like I think people who celebrates Christmas are bad Christians, or promoting pagan worship.

It's just that I don't.

And if you hate me for it, please don't tell me. I've changed from the whole I'd-rather-have-it-told-to-my-face mindset. I think I prefer plasticized friendliness unless you are stabbing me in the back.
Recently someone from church told me, "Your family doesn't fit in here."

So I am all 'bla, rub it in why doncha' in my thoughts.

Is a hard few weeks. I should like to be gone.

Perhaps I shall abscond for a time...


SharriBeth said...

Whoever told you that is just wrong. They should have kept their mouths shut and had some decency. I like you guys ^_^ It's that whole "everyone has their own convictions" thing all over again except this time it adds a little bit of "everyone has their own beliefs" lol. Everyone's state of mind is different and people should know that from the time they are old enough to understand, I can't figure out why someone would have told you that. Even the people that have the most things in common can find something to argue about so if you think about it no one can really "fit in" somewhere. Gosh, I wish people thought before they spoke. I'm sorry that someone would tell you that. I would be proud not to fit in with someone who would make that statement.

just d. said...

Esther, don't pay attention to people like that. Everyone is different. My family doesn't celebrate Christmas OR fit in either (especially me).

Be yourself. I never knew you very well, but I do think you and your family are quite awesome. I like the way you are... well, mostly (kidding, kidding).

I choose to celebrate Jesus every day. His birth, his life, his death and ressurection.

Stay true to yourself. I used to worry about what people thought about me a little too much... and I really never got to be ME.

So be you, Esther. You're pretty rad.

Esther said...


Yeah I think everyone has pieces of life where they don't fit in.

No one fits in 100% ofthe time...


Hi how are ya?

Is cool you can admit I annoy you at times...