Monday, December 28, 2009

How To Receive Blogspot Comments Via Email

I'm working on a post showing how to have your blog comments sent to your cell phone.

But to automatically send Blogger comments to your cell phone via text you must first have blogger set up to send all comments to your email address.

This step was taking up too much space, and I think this is an opt out thing, so you're probably already set up this way. So anyway I gave it it's own post...

If you don't receive comments to your email, then here's how to set that up...

Go to your blogger Dashboard. Choose the Settings link.

Then choose the Comments tab.

At the bottom of the page enter your gmail address in the space provided.

Save the settings.

And that's it....

For some strange reason Blogger won't send the comments to cell phone email addresses. If they would do that I could just enter my MMS email address and skip the Gmail steps...

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