Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Nieces, Nephews & Stuff

My family went to the lake in the mountains Saturday with my sister and brother-in-law + their 4 children.

Lake Chilhowee is located in Polk County, so I kept asking people, " What county are we in." I poked them in the ribs after they answered, "Polk county" The name sounds just like poke.

We ate grilled burgers & grilled chicken, then swam in the lake for a while. (There was a very white girl there; she was practically translucent. Also a boy who kept swimming under Leah while we were hanging to the rope.)

We walked around the lake and picked flowers (Totally illegal--i know, but Kailey wanted some. Plus Zach gave me some). The boys were excited to catch a zippety-fast black bug, but were scared of the slowly-swimming fish--go figure.

Brian is picture crazy and his attempts to photograph his kids was rather comical. One time he was trying to get them to sit on a rock with the woods in the background, and Zachary spied a beer bottle in the woods and carried it back to be photographed with him. (We were all like, well he doesn't know one pretty bottle from another.) Another time he had them all sitting in front of the lake, but couldn't get their attention, so said "Look at the bear behind Daddy." The boys both jumped up and ran past him to see the 'bear'. Oh well.

Afterwards we dropped by sonic and I ordered a caramel java chiller to wake me up. The coffee did not keep me awake, but everyone agreed that it tasted awesome.

Sonic is offering free root beer floats today from 8:00 PM to 12:00 PM per their site.


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