Friday, June 12, 2009

"I Deleted You"

An old acquaintance has just started to hang out with one of my groups.

"Text and let me know. Josh has my number and so does Esther"

He must have caught my sheepish look, "You do still have my number right?"

I shifted awkwardly against the table I was leaning against, "Uh, no."

I had considered telling him that I got a new phone. Twas the truth; I did get a new phone. But the truth is also that I deleted him some time before I got this new phone.

Later on the ride home Leah turned her face to me, "So you deleted him."



“Well, I just never talked to him. I really don’t know him. He was just taking up space…”

Later that week N8 told me to text some people to invite them to go to the mountains with us.

I was ever so happy that the deleted person was listening, “I can’t; my new cell has only 5 people.”

He will never know I deleted him.

Not that he cared....

….But I feel better

And he is an actual friend at this point in my life--even though I'd not talked to him for years. (I deleted him when he was a never seen acquaintance.)

Happiness, Esther

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