Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Singles Meeting

My church is having a singles meeting tonight at 7:00. All the singles are weirded out, and wondering if it will be awkward and strange.

We all joke that we’ll be told, "Pick a name out of the hat & you need to marry whoever you get. We are tired of having so many unattached youth."

My Dad was a little worried when he first heard of it; I believe he thought it was a pick-a-person-&-go-on-a-date-with-them singles meeting. (A professor at Roxy's school has his students do something like that; he sets his students up as a part of his class, even planning their dates and paying for them I believe)

When announcing the meeting pastor said, "Before I was married I thought singleness was a disease--and I had it." He went on to say," Most young people believe they need to be married to be complete. Whoever marries them will only get a half a person."So I imagine we are all to learn that singleness is good and; to be content in the season we are in.....

Probably it will be uncomfortable. Maybe it will be good for us.

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Invisable_Ninja said...

The singles meeting thing was funny ^-^