Friday, December 3, 2010

My Belly is Mine. Not Yours. Please Don't Touch It.

I know my rock hard abs fascinate you. Oh well.  Get over it. Go pet a turtle.


When I was 16 one of my best friends used to always grab me and force me still while petting my belly. And I fussed and fumed and pushed him away, but he just laughed. Finally I talked to his girlfriend, "Can you please, pleeeeease ask ____ to quit touching my belly?" So he stopped. (I'm sure she didn't like watching him always grabbing me either...)

I said that to say I would do so again. A mild threat I guess.

There is another guy who won't stop grabbing me again lately. Ugh it freaks me out.

So to you. (And yes I know that you know I have a blog)

I've already asked you to quit--Please do so.

My belly is off limits for you. I am definitely more cautious around the people who have grabbed my tush and boobs than those who pet my belly. I realize you don't feel that it is a big deal. Maybe even your wife doesn't care.

But I care. My belly is too much for you (a married man) to be rubbing. I realize that your belly is not important to you, and it has been explained to me by various people that acquaintances/friends rubbing each others bellies is the same as a handshake. *Shudder*

I don't consider you a creep. (Only because you are normal in other ways, and I feel your heart is clean.)

However, this particular behavior is creeping me out.

[Edit: I did talk to this recent guy's wife. Bla awkward. But it's over, so that's good.]
What's with people petting my belly? Do people touch your belly regularly? I see other people's bellies being poked occasionally, (And that's not as big a deal even to me.) but I rarely see the rubbing thing that happens to me happen to friends.

I've already discussed this. But still... too much touching....


c said...

odd as it may seem....... i've never had that problem

Anonymous said...

I like my belly being rubbed...