Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I'm Jealous

Is not that I mind her having a car. I don't even mind him buying her one.


When my oldest sister started driving Dad bought her a very ugly Volkswagen to drive. (I think I even remember wood paneling) Anyway when it was wrecked he bought another ugly Volkswagen, which was promptly wrecked. (I can't remember who wrecked which Volkswagen. Dad wrecked one. Anna wrecked one.)

Btw I have great memories of sitting in the back of those Volkswagen with all my older sisters & all the Gordon girls. (Yeah all of us--That was before seat-belt laws I think.) Anna would buy us pizza at Little Caesars, and we would split cokes. It was awesome.

Next Dad bought an ugly gold diesel car that we named The Rattletrap. Anna drove that until she was married, then she left that car for my sister Shalom to drive.

Shalom wrapped The Rattletrap around a tree, so he bought her another car. Something blue and sporty that hung a curve really well...(Thankfully.)

I can't remember when that one died. Josh says it was having problems before Shalom got married, but I don't think it died until a few weeks later. Transmission problems we were told... Anyway I drove it for that few weeks.

And then...

Yeah, actually nothing.

I worked for a year until I could afford a car. And I was the loser who rode with her friends everywhere.(But my friends loved me, so it was ok.)

And, well yeah, I was jealous, but I was just kinda, "Oh well. Such is life."

So this week Mom called me, and said, "Hey can you bring Leah home right away. Dad found a car to maybe buy her, and wants to make sure she likes it."

The car is hers to drive, but she can't have it unless she wants to commit to paying for it in the future when she has money.

My parents said, "Well it needs to be this way, because we did it this way with all the other girls.

So now I am all thinking, "And what was I? A boy? (Because the brothers didn't get cars either. Lol.)

So yeah anyway.

The title is crackin me up. I know everyone (of my local people) read it in their feed burner, and assumed this was about Sunday, and T. pawing all over the guy I'd just started dating.

Fooled ya. haha.

Or not.

-Because that WAS really disrespectful of both of them...

Can't keep people close unless they learn a certain level of respect. So sad...


Nathan L. said...

I wouldn't quite call the blue one nice. It let fumes in so bad it could almost kill you.

Dear oh dear.

Esther said...

That's quite true. I had forgotten. (But I didn't call it nice)

Susanna said...

Aahh the rattletrap... Do you remember when Anna leaned on the horn and beeped at those guys at Krystal's??? Yes, fun times - I had forgotten "Little Caesar's."
I didn't realize you all had wrecked so many Volkswagen's - I think I forgot about the VW's --

d. said...

hey, that's pretty much just like my car. they are good cars. had very few problems with it... and that's after like 100,000 miles. spark plugs needed replaced every once in a while... that's about it.

i thought you owned a car Esther?
or is it just the fact that you saved up for and bought it yourself that kinda leaves you sour?

that's understood.

anyway, i'm sorry you are jealous. if i had a lot of cars i'd give you and your brothers free ones. you guys/gal deserve them.

Esther said...

Hi friend!!!

I remember the story; (she was so mortified lol), but I don't remember being there...

What's with this, "you all" business? I didn't wreck any Volkswagons...

Esther said...

I do have a car. It's in the shop for the hundredth time (sigh).

But its ok I can afford another one. I'm just complaining.