Thursday, January 21, 2010

Assuming Catfights and Much Awkwardness

This week ________  parents were at my house and were talking about their youngest son.

Mom asked if he was in a relationship...

"Yes, we are praying about a couple of sisters." his mom answered.

"Sisters!" I thought "Doesn't he know better?" (But I kept my mouth shut. Yay me!)

I am familiar with the whole UPC way of dating, but, sisters that's a bit much. I started picturing these sisters sitting on their bed chatting like Leah and I do, "So your date with _____ last night; did you have fun?" Then the other answering, "Um, maybe, well yeah," before blurting out, "Did you kiss him when you went out on Saturday?" Then there would be a catfight and much awkwardness. Not much sisterly bonding between them I assumed.

I listened for a bit; apparently the prettier one is snooty, and the not so cute one is really sweet, but well, not very pretty. They hope he picks the sweet one. And his parents adore him, so they never said anything about the possibility of these sisters deciding they didn't want him. (I didn't mention that either; Yay me! I'm so nice lately)
After a bit I figured out that she meant 'sisters' to be 'sisters in the Lord' rather than 'they have a lot of sibling rivalry', But it took a while.

(I was glad I didn't say all the snarky things I was thinking. lol.)

Another reason to leave off calling everyone Sister or Brother?

Leah and I went to church with friends this Sunday.
A friend of my family came up and introduced himself, "You are Libbey's right? Tell your dad I said hi. How's Isaac? I'm remarried did you know?..."

Then he turned to the guy next to me and asked, "Which one are you chasin'?" gesturing to my sister and myself.

"Can't say." he answered.
The man's eyebrows shot up, "Well if it's one of these girls you're in trouble!"

He wasn't in trouble with us (Too short 4 Leah and too young 4 me.) but twas funny


Roxy said...

I wasn't aware that people "dated" two people at once in the UPC church. Grosses me out a little.

Esther said...

Yes actually I have a few UPC friends who would date 5 or 6 at a time.

They had scheduling conflicts though I think.

I'm not sure if that guy is actually dating both of them or not. I think she said "Seeing a couple of sisters," though.