Monday, January 25, 2010

If Anyone Is Gonna Violate My Privacy,

-It's gonna be me.
I just joined facebook.

Decided it would be easier to keep up with my out-of-state friends there. Plus a few people were starting to ask about things that I had been up to, and I was like "Yeah, but how did you know."

"Facebook. There are pictures of you." or "_______ was talking about it on facebook."

I wasn't going to tell anyone I was there until I had a picture up. You know a real picture of myself not the hugging character I found in an online search, and I don't know how to tag myself... (What is that thing called? Does it have a name?)

Somehow 30 people had invited me to be their friend by the next day (Not sure who a few of those people are though... And one lady, who I am friends with, keeps giving in detail info about her ob/gyn visits. Nastiness...)

For the last few years random people have tried to get me to join, and I've always been, "Yeah, sure, I will sometime, but don't expect me to live there."

I'm telling you this, so you're not sad if I don't poke you enough, or comment on your wall often enough. Doesn't mean I don't love ya. Just means I don't plan to spend a lot of time there. (And if I start obsessing I will delete myself.)

So you should forgive me for not friending you sooner.

And for being an absent friend in our future facebook friendship.

(I adore the tackiness in that last line.)

Pretentiously, Esther


Jes said...

Pon and Zi.


To answer the name question.

Running hard . . . said...

Hmm -- I love it - being an avid ignorer of friends online myself - I think we should start a race to see how much we can ignore - :) seriously kidding - but at least now I can tag you in all those pictures. :) WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT!!!

Esther said...

Thank you Jessie. You rock! I knew you would know what it was called!

Hi Susy, How are ya!

I would actually like some pics on Fb since I haven't taken the time myself.

I can always untag myself, lol. If you post something horridly ugly of me.

Amy Lizzy said...

Glad you joined Esther!