Thursday, July 2, 2009

"[Esther], You Look Homeless"

”You’re not wearing--”, My mother stared in dismay at my jean skirt “--Oh you are! It has holes in it.”

“Were those holes already in there? I wonder if she bought it like that?” she grimaced staring at the offensive rips. “Maybe she made them herself” She continued speaking to my friend instead of to me.

“Did you?” Mom directed her question to me this time.

“Nope. Bought it like this” I replied

“You look Poor and ragged” She didn't mince her words

“No I look comfortable” I countered

“ No you look old and worn out” Carmella agreed with mom, “You look homeless.” She continued.

I could see my mom trying to understand: Why would one of her children choose to wear rags; why would anyone choose to pay for pre-damaged clothing when they had nice clothing already?

“Attention. She’s doing it for attention” She concluded. “People will think you are homeless and then they will give you attention—maybe they will give you food” Mom tried to explain the weirdness to herself and anyone willing to listen.

“--And money” Carmella broke in

“Attention, food and money” I said “Dude I should wear this skirt more often” I leaned contentedly back against the kitchen counter.

“I don’t know about this modern look” Mom said, “ Esther’s always been kind of modern”

Mom kneeled on the kitchen floor inspected the holes close up, then felt inside the skirt, “Ok they have patches behind them.” She stood back up relieved.

“If you were anyone but my Mom. I would've kicked you”

“I wouldn't have if I wasn't your mom” she replied adding, “I hope you didn't pay a lot for it”

It is rather strange, and I never have understand the draw of distressed denim either until lately. This month I have become strangely drawn to white thready patches. Its very un-Libbey-like of me; we grew up with plenty of torn clothes, but they were definitely not desired or purchased that way.

(FYE I spent $17 including shipping... I bought it from this ebay seller. Its super comfortable, and really cute, but I did have to resew the backside. It wasn't sewn quite right where her home stitching met the factory stitching; it jutted out strangely. You might not want to buy one unless you are fairly confidant with a sewing machine.)

*My mother did look at the holes without flashing people, or touching my legs, or anything gross--just so you know. She is a respectable mom.


Invisable_Ninja said...

I like those type of skirts but I can't seem to find any anywhere =(

Esther said...

I have researched how to make them at home. (That sounds so weird)

Anyway i'll have to post a blog about it whenever I decide which of my skirts to destroy.