Thursday, July 16, 2009

Please wait until after church to lust after my armpits

“I think ___________does a really good job at not showing her underarms in church,” said a friend to me.

“Guess I've never thought about it” I wrinkle my forehead.

“Well, her sleeves are really short sometimes, but she’s careful when she raises her hands, so her armpits never show during church.”

I wonder to myself, “is this is a lecture about my often barely-there sleeves.” I say “Um, ok”

“Well it’s really best not to show your armpits in church. I sometimes wear short sleeves, but never to church. “

Because of the underarms showing thing,” I think “hmm, How strange and interesting”.

“I don’t think it’s a big deal,” I shrug my shoulders.

“Guys lust after them. I've always been told that it’s wrong to show my underarms.”

“No” I said, “I think it has more to do with those people finding a way to measure the sleeve; like a cut-off point.” I give an example, ‘If your armpit shows your sleeve is too short.’ Armpits are ugly. No one lusts after them.”

“I think some girl’s underarms are really pretty” Was the reply.

Wow, what to say to that. I mean I know guys who like toes extraordinarily much, and at least one who has a strange thing for ears. Dudes do sometimes tell me I have a cute nose, but armpits, oh Wow, ROTFL! Surely not!

Disclosure: I totally show my underarms on occasion.

FYI: This girl voluntarily told me to blog about this conversation. It makes me really happy, to have a window to talk about the parts of my life that intersect with my friends lives. It's hard to talk about life without talking about other people...


Jes said...

I love your tags for this one =]

But seriously, sometimes I do judge wether or not I wear a short sleeve shirt if it shows my armpits.

However, I've never heard of guys lusting after them. 0_o

Jes said...

Oh! Forgot to mention. I was sitting next to this guy one night, and he got up, and the girl next to him had on REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY short sleeves. Not only could I see her armpits, but pretty much everything else. Very graphic.. >_<

Esther said...

Yes, I do believe using 'is my armpit showing' is a typical way lots of people judge if the sleeves are too short.

Tis definitely not best to have your bra and stufff showing...

Invisable_Ninja said...

Haha that's hilarious! I never knew guys would lust over armpits?! Hmm.... I agree with u Esther, they aren't very attractive, lol. I think armpits look funny! =P

Invisable_Ninja said...
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Esther said...

I really don't think they do.

Was a girl....which is perhaps even more weird.

She said she would ask her brother.

Later she told me, "I think they are attractive"

So yeah.