Thursday, July 16, 2009

threw off the computer 4 me

I am at the library looking at ebay and blogs and such...

When I got here there at 7:15 there was an empty spot in the internet computers, but the libraian, a little elderly lady with her gray hair up in a loose bun, said, "I think #9 actually has a person on it. We took her slip out, but I think she's just short."

She went to check, "Yes she's just short we need to put her back in."

I was about to wander away to look at books, but she continues, "Lets see who we can throw off."


She began to examine slips of paper (showing who was on what computers and what time they got there)

"Yes she's been on since 3:00, and this ones been on since 3:30"

The little lady marched away and presumable threw these people off their computers.

Was really funny. Maybe you would've had to be here...

Can't believe they were on for like 4 hours. I checked the and you-tube....

Plus the librarian. I would've expected her to say something sweet like "Well maybe someone has been on too long."

I love finding out who people really are.


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