Monday, January 4, 2016

Watching Everything Crumble

I wrote most of this in the beginning (or middle?) of last year. Apparently breakups take time. (Posting what I write, if I ever do, takes time too.)

Watching Everything Crumble

Watching everything crumble
Relieved... it's all over (added 9-24-15)

Wondering... as I  watch you walk away a third time.
("Three strikes and out" an umpire's voice gravely booming.)

Thinking... if I didn't wait this long,
Would I always regret and wonder?

Knowing... that I still wonder. (A little.)

Time is finite. And ours is gone.
BUT our time. Was it really wasted?

Don't call me a mistake.
Or do. And I'll pretend not to care.

I'm fine with this, our past, I'm just questioning the future(s.)
Can we grow distant without becoming mean and jaded.

Will I somehow walk safely through this (breakup) despite knives from should-be spectators.

Sometimes we protect things, BECAUSE they are being stolen.
Keep people BECAUSE they are being taken.

Is this still worth fighting for?
No, not anymore, but it was worth having.

I only ever asked for 2nd place. Accepted 5th for far too long.
Los(er) win. Game over.


Just so you know.

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