Monday, June 9, 2014

Sometimes we hurt...

It's so common for people to hide pain in an attempt to show the world that we are loved and protected. A facade that we believe will enhance our reputation or protect our emotions.

Christians often follow along

We have such good motives... Refuse to don't talk about our wounds, because we want to show that Christianity is easy, and good.

And it is.

EASIER... than the alternative.

But pretending away scars gives others false reassurance. -That they will never be wounded. -Never be expected to stand against the oppressor... -Or against a misguided friend.

We hide the complete realization that there is both Grace after sin--AND Freedom from falling into sin (or bondage, or addiction) found in Jesus. We accidentally keep our friends or enemies from fully grasping the salve we already know is available.

Sometimes God Himself allows bad things to come bother us, though he gets mad. (IF they beat the innocent.)

God himself is limited... in His protection. the area/s where he is welcome.

IF a person hasn't allowed God control of all of themselves, they are able to become mean or sinful. Or willing to allow spite and hate to dump on others and pretend away responsibility. (Just one small example.)

God doesn't order anyone to be good.

Sometimes even evil itself is outside of His jurisdiction...

If we put it there
Refuse to condemn the problem

In our effort to protect the guilty
We refuse to stand up for the innocent

Have you refused to be a judge
Or cast down right judgement

Have you ever done a bad thing? Have you always been perfect? Did God stop you? Or was it people? Or maybe yourself.

Now flip it

Have you ever been treated bad. Has your life always been perfect?

Did God fail you, or was it people? Maybe even yourself.
God expects His children to be about His business

It is our job to stand up. We are to be Jesus to the world.
Don't throw away the darkness, you just walked through. Learn to be a light in that particular storm.

Don't delete all your druggie friends numbers... You should be able to be a light in their storm.

Don't forget your past.
It may become their future.

But you may also be able to exchange that destiny. (For a relatively small price--remembering your own pain.)

The blind can't lead the blind BUT a formerly blind man IS often the best person to lead a blind man to Jesus.

Which paths to avoid,
but more importantly

How awe inspiring the Sonrise(ing) to power... in a once blackened life.

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