Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Mainstream Modesty

I believe it's best to not show your thighs, cleavage or abs...

I also believe immodesty doesn't make people into hell-bound sinners.
Yes I walk that fence.
So shoot me. I'm a wolf in sheep's clothing...  
...Or a sheep in wolves clothing.

Or so you would think if you heard people talk about anyone who chooses to live differently from mainstream American people.

...Or differently from typical Holiness Pentecostal.

And still claim Christ

Call themselves holy
Set apart
I don't want to be set apart if that means hiding. Jesus was friends with prostitutes. Would he refuse to befriend someone for showing too much skin?

I love people from all different walks of life, including the ones who are walking the wrong direction.

But! I wanna wear clothes!

I see no need. And dislike the idea.
Of getting people to like me because my body is nice...
It’s scary when 'tis assumed that the outside style determines the entire inside heart of a person. (Either way. Even when it's assumed about the people 'who wear too many clothes.')

But also. Although.

Ror your husband's lust problems.

I'm not going to ever intentionally feed someone else's evil beast...

So I try to dress in looser clothes around people who have body obsession issues. And live in a manner, so as to not awaken your demons.

But they ARE your demons. Not mine. Don't forget THAT distinction sir.

Or ma'am.

Some ladies with a lotta skin showing ARE trying to stir up lust. It's not all accidental...

Some intentionally choose a low cut top, then start poking fun of the man driven to drop his head... or staring in awkward idolization.

But more often its done out of desperation.... "I neeeed people to see me as pretty. I am gonna die without a boyfriend." (Don't marginalize and criticize unless you're able and willing to see these girls as pretty with their curves covered up.)

I've also heard the other side-

"I hate it, but this is THE ONLY WAY to keep my husband's attention..." (That's an awful concept, but sometimes it works... What amount of skin would you give up if it kept your husband eyes from constantly straying?)
But the point I'm wanting to make-

...Some ladies really don't know, and/or just expect other people to deal with their own issues. 

Expect men to conquer and control their own sin nature.

Showing cleavage or abs or whatever; that's just another accessory. (I'm not saying it should be...)

But people SHOULD deal with their problems instead of accusing others.
Don't blame an innocent man/woman/child for your unconquered lust.
Lust is a spirit. Whoever has it; its their job to master it.


Life is a power struggle. Which dog? The angel or demon on HIS shoulder? Which one? Who are you feeding?

And why?

What would you sacrifice in order to win that broken person.

How much is your sex appeal worth? Would you ever lose it IF you'd win a soul by hiding 'what everyone's mamma gave us.'

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