Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Problems and Promises

Quit maximizing the demons your fighting... That's the same or close to minimizing the saviour.
Us pretending this problem is Goliath preventing... but really he's just a toy soldier fighting.
In the hand of foolish children.
Seen by the eyes of an all knowing Father.
And even Goliath fell. Don't forget that we were ALL given a Brother.
Do you see your 'stones of stumbling' like Bumblebee, or the evil warriors he's fighting (from transformers) when really it's just a few micro-machines?
In the eyes of Our King?
Yeah, but not ONLY in his eyes. We say cringing.
You are His child. Whose eyes should YOU have?
Stop. This. Fearful. Tear filled.
Double vision. Double minded nonsense.
Says the girl who can't sleep cause her head won't shut up.
Says the girl purposely avoiding her Bible 'cause lately she gets so obsessed with stories and storms.

And worries because every voice she hears is not His.

After Jesus

Even Goliath (AKA Judas or Pontius Pilate) gets a chance at redemption.

That's the glory of salvation. The possible transformation of villains to heroes. Freedom not to continue in hate but to become similar to Him.

Are we His children? Make an introduction.


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Anonymous said...

That's nice, Esther. One in my family isn't going to church, but takes pills to sleep because his head won't shut up... . Made me wonder if maybe this is why...? Appreciate prayer for him. Enjoyed reading your other entries so far, too! Thanks for sharing! I'd rather stay anonymous for internet purposes considering what I said, but I consider u a friend. You met my cousin a few hours ago... . Appreciate prayer for my cousin, too...going through trying times. God bless!