Friday, May 30, 2014

Inner Critic

I often hear people talking about the angry little person inside their head always cutting, and criticizing.

"You're worthless, and stupid, and ugly." Like demons haunting their thoughts with failure and rejection...

Popular opinion seems to be, "Fight or belittle it. Tell yourself that it is a scared hateful little child, or a stupid idiot."

"My children WILL NOT have that little person in their head" Dan told me, "I will raise them in happiness. I WILL be a better father."

But our inner critics have a POSITIVE purpose.
(Don't lose them altogether...)


Listen to this...

My 'little people' in my head adore me. Wouldn't trade em for a million bucks. My inner self is hilarious, and almost always kind. My 'demons' protect me from the darkness, and turn angels in the blinding light. Remind me I'm always safe. And free.

But they're happy. They say.

If I'm having a rough day my head makes me happy. My inner self creates rainbows DURING each storm. I laugh at sadness itself, (though really I shouldn't ignore the negative emotions...)

Your head is mean to you.

My head occasionally gets mean. My inner 'children', grumpy thoughts, get unruly from time to time.

If I ignore myself:

Pretend that emotions don't matter
And goals are worthless...
That my needs have no purpose
Or my voice has no renascence...

OR if I pretend others don't matter...
That ME I'm always number 1

Maybe it's you who is the problem
You've failed to raise your thoughts
Your past remains their present

It's the people who are mean... to them
Is what my inner voice says.
Clinging closer in horror

Train your head to be nice
let the child grow up into yourself

You should have adult thoughts guided, and directed
Not childish tantrums aimlessly drifting through your head

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