Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Tolley-ball & Libbey Word Wars

Gasp! Fighting! In public!

What side are you on?
Pick a side!

I'm on the sidelines.

Then do something.
Pick a team. Cheer OR heckle!
We are boring spectators -My family.
Silently passive--even when greatly interested.


Got game though:
We told our friends that it would be possible to mislead others to believe we'd been in church. Every time the ball changes teams, "Service!" is yelled. "We had great service." Lol

My body is a temple; gotta take care of her, but I'm bored of exercise. Tired of games.

My family; we pick on each other for fun... That's abnormal?

One guy asked me, "Why are we always like 2 rocks beating each other, Esther?"

I was all, "Dude you're always jabbing me. I thought you enjoyed jousting." in my head. But later out-loud I said, "I'm working on not being so mean to you all the time,"

Let his own meanness slide.
Allowed the fight that we had die.

So sad.

To think of all his wit wasted. I prefer sharp.

but to each his own.

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