Thursday, November 3, 2011

Skinny Women Unite!

"Real women have curves!"

"But models just look like 12 year old boys."

"Real men like curves. Only dogs like bones."

"Before skinny was popular, there was something called sexy."


I have curves too. They're just... um... smaller. Skinny women having no curves is just a mean stereotype.

And even those scrawny, straight-up-and-down curve-less ladies are real women. Real woman who are often just as self conscious about their androgynous frame as you are about your chunky one.

Sometimes more.

Why do women who are self conscious about their bodies feel implying other women are fake or unattractive is somehow righting an injustice?

Because it doesn't. It doesn't help anything or anyone.

It just projects criticism onto a different set of women's bodies.

I'm nice to people of all sizes. It would be mean for me to say something like, "Why would any man want a fat jiggly girl?" (And I haven't said that. I know that some men prefer bigger ladies--in fact I've had a few look at my skinny frame and tell me so... even going so far as telling me I should take pills to get fatter...)

But it's just as horrible of you to say, "Why would a guy want a skinny-looking girl?" (Because my girl friends have said that and so much more- not usually-specifically pointing at my body- but openly generalizing about bodies in general, and skinny ladies in specific.)

Why do people think it's OK to be mean to skinny people!

Be nice or I will sit on you. (And I've been told that my bony butt hurts people's thighs, but you so deserve that.)

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Mr. and Mrs. Smith said...

LOL well i'm definitely not in the skinny women club but HA HA your post made me laugh!