Monday, August 22, 2011

(Last week)

Hugely exaggerated stories. Malicious talk...

The third thing, after shock and pain, that filled my mind was, 'Woah how dare they tell such horrid lies, and attempt [semi successfully] to ostracize everyone associated with one person just because they didn't get what they wanted...

Then a moment later, "Hmm, I know enough provable dirt on them to show their history of lying, and could easily prove some way worse sins than the one they are falsely claiming my friend is living in.'

..And for a few minutes I thought about blurting it all out. Giving what they gave. Pulling up the net, 'the Internet is forever,' and as of right now there is so many provable contradictions.

Then I remembered-

God's love is forever too
So is God's forgiveness

Forgiveness that not only applies to my best friends, but forgiveness that is available to those that hate them and us, and you. And, well, everyone.

To be a Christian I must be Christlike.

As far as the East is From the West. That's how far I am to forgive.

[May 2014 Update: I'm still in favor of forgiving people, but wish I'd stood up for my friends better.]